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Texas Alcohol Beverage COURSE

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We make it easy!  Many restaurants, bars and hotels in TEXAS require their employees to be certified in either food or alcohol. Here are some of our perks to get easily certified today!

Alcohol Training Awareness Course

Get certified today! It's that easy!

We make it easy!  Many restaurants, bars and hotels in NEW YORK require their employees to be certified in either food or alcohol. Here are some of our perks to get easily certified today!



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Texas Seller Server Training Course


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If you’re planning to work in the food service industry, you will need to obtain food handler training. According to most Department of State Health Services, all food employees shall successfully complete an accredited food handler training course, within 60 days of employment.

  • ANSI Accredited Course
  • Certificate is valid for 2-3 years

Whether you are just getting started in the hospitality industry or renewing your Food Handler Certification, we’ll help you meet your requirements and propel you towards success!

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Seller Server FAQ’s

  1. What is alcohol seller/server certification?
    Alcohol Seller/Server courses are intended to bring alcohol awareness and teach responsible alcohol sales techniques to employees of establishments that sell alcoholic beverages. You will learn the general liabilities and obligations you have as a seller-server of alcohol. You will also learn how to correctly identify a minor and how to deal with sticky situations when you cannot sell to intoxicated persons or people you suspect have a fake ID.
  2. Who needs to take it?
    This course is not just for people seeking a bartending license. It is also for those who will be working in any restaurant or facility that serves or sells alcohol in many states.
  1. Why should I take it?
    1. You will be a well-informed, certified seller/server that knows the laws regarding sales of alcohol in your state. In other words, you will have the power of knowledge when it comes to alcohol sales if an intoxicated customer demands another drink. You will know how to handle these sticky situations like a professional employee should. Likewise, you will know what laws not to break which means you will not have criminal charges against you.
    2. Many restaurants that serve alcohol require that you have a Seller/Server work for them. But why wait until you get hired? Imagine how impressed your future employer would be if you have your alcohol awareness card on hand already. It is one less thing that they have to worry about when hiring a new person. Having your Seller/Server certification on your resume will set you apart from the crowd! Your server certificate is just one click away!

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