TABC Server Alcohol Training

No doubt that this is a tough time in the hospitality industry. States across the nation are ordering their bars and restaurants closed. This virus is going to be a huge hit on our pocketbooks and it is just getting started.

Fortunately or not the governor of Texas has not ordered all bars and restaurants to close.  This keeps the businesses open but how many customers are showing up? If it is anything like it is here in Florida they are all taking a beating. So by not ordering them closed? This keeps the governor from having to declare a state of emergency and allowing a temporary change to the states unemployment statutes so that the hospitality people can collect benefits.

Be Careful Leaving a Job

There are some employers that will take advantage of uneducated employees and they do shady things to get you to quit. If you quit then they are not responsible for paying unemployment and you get denied. You have to be laid off to collect and not all employers are willing to do that. So by the governor not declaring a state of emergency it is leaving people on the hook longer with no safety net. You quit your job now because the place is empty and you’re not making any money and you are on your own. Make sure you have plans before making any changes.

For the governor’s website CLICK HERE.

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