TABC Server Alcohol Training

Why Get TABC Certified?

Is it worth getting a TABC Certification?

Getting a job can be tough. But you can stand out from the competition and make yourself a more attractive applicant by being TABC Certified before you even start applying to bars and restaurants! Get ahead of the competition.


Be competitive! Employers are looking for the best applicants to fill a small number of openings. But how do you get ahead of the competition? Everyone will always tell you that for most positions, experience and knowledge are the key things that can give you the boost you need in order to have the best chance. It’s the same way in the hospitality industry, however, there are plenty of bars and restaurants that are open to people who are new to the industry.If you are new to the industry, something that you can do to show that you are ready, willing and interested in learning the ropes and getting hired is to take a TABC Course.

The TABC Certification will show restaurant and bar managers that you have learned the state laws for selling and serving alcoholic drinks, and have gone through a small amount of training to learn how to respond in certain situations — such as when a minor tries to buy an alcoholic drink, or someone shows you a fake ID.

Taking a TABC course is for your benefit. If you wind up selling alcohol to someone who wasn’t legally allowed to be served, you’re the one who has the most to lose. The TABC course gives you the knowledge you need to make sure that you’re prepared and ready for the job — even on the first day! Why do restaurants and bars care if you’re TABC Certified?

In any industry, managers have to be careful to hire employees that will reflect well on their business. For a lot of employees, there isn’t much of a risk that they would do something so wrong that it could cause a significant, negative impact on the business they work for. But in a bar or restaurant, selling or serving alcohol incorrectly can have dire consequences. If an intoxicated customer leaves and gets into a car crash, the blame can fall on both you and the business. When seller-servers have taken a TABC course, it reduces their risk of making mistakes. It also gives the business legal protection so that the error of an employee wouldn’t make them lose their liquor license. Isn’t it better to wait to be hired first before taking the TABC?

If you’re already TABC certified before you start working, it’s one less thing that a hiring manager has to worry about. Since the cost to get certified is about the cost of a burger… it won’t break the bank!

If you get hired without the certification, the bar or restaurant may or may not pay for your certification. It just depends on the business. But, generally, it’s more affordable to hire someone that already has the certification than someone that doesn’t already have it. Plus, if their new staff is already certified, there won’t be a delay between when they start working and when they are certified! It’s one less worry for the manager.

ATAP Certification Requirements

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