TABC Server Alcohol Training

TABC Safe Harbor Act

Safe Harbor protects you and your business from liabilities that your employees might incur while working for you and your business. Let’s say that one of your employees gets caught selling or serving alcohol to a minor. You are not liable for their actions because that employee has their TABC certification, meaning they are aware and informed that their actions are wrong. You and your business are protected from suspension, fines, and/or cancellations.

Requirements to qualify for Safe Harbor:

  1. You require your employees to attend a commission-approved online seller training program, such as 2Cool Serving Training
  2. Your employee has taken a training program in-person in a classroom setting
  3. You have not directly or indirectly encouraged your employee to violate such law

If your business meets those requirements, then you and your business will be protected from suspension, fines, or cancellations if your employee happens to sell or serve alcoholic beverages to…

  • A minor
  • An intoxicated person
  • A non-member of a private club

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I don’t require my employees to take the TABC course?
  2. How do I get my employees certified?
  3. How will I know if my employees are certified?

1. What if I don’t require my employees to take the TABC course?

The repercussions can be astronomical. You should not be liable for your employees’ actions because you cannot control their behavior at all times. But that is the number one reason to require TABC certification for all of your employees: you cannot control the actions of everyone. If one of your employees violates the law, then your business can lose its liquor license and you will be fined and/or suspended.

2. How do I get my employees certified?

You can click here to sign up all of your employees with 2Cool Server Training, an approved and verified TABC course provider.

3. How will I know if my employees are certified?

Your employees will get a certificate immediately after they have completed and passed the course. You can also search their information for proof of certification on the official TABC website. Whether you have 2 employees or 50, it’s important to realize that your business depends on your staff to function. Investing in their education is just good business! 

  • Employees have to take the TABC course every two years to maintain their certification.
  • Businesses with TABC-certified employees are protected from employee mistakes or negligence

Remember, well-informed staff exceed expectations and well-protected businesses succeed!

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