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Get a Server Job to pay holiday bills! Now is the time…

Now is the time to take on an extra job to help pay those bills that are going to be coming in January. Don’t wait until you are buried in debt. Be smart and plan ahead. Get that side job now.

  1. Now is the time because restaurants and caterers are busy and need help.
  2. Now is the time of year when tipping is best.
  3. Pay for your holiday expenses or save for the bills coming in January.

Unless you are financially independent or don’t have any family or friends, now is the time of year when we can all use a few extra bucks. This is also the time of year when most food service and bars are the busiest. That translates to good money. So now is the time to get that side gig so you aren’t freaking out when the bills roll in in January.

Here are some tips for being a good server.

  1. Be pleasant – If you want to make good tips then you have to be nice to not only customers but coworkers.
  2. Be efficient – Being a server is busy work. Watch other more experienced persons and pick up their shortcuts.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes – Man, I can not stress this enough. You may need to invest in some good, soft soled shoes but it will more than pay for itself. Not only will it take less toll on your body but you will be able to work longer and harder and you’ll be more pleasant. Most restaurants have a requirement that you have non-slip shoes, anyway. A great place to start your shoe search is Shoes for Crews. They have a wide variety of shoes that are comfortable that will also help prevent you from slipping when a customer spills their drink on the floor and forgets to tell anyone!
  4. Offer to help – If someone needs a shift covered jump at it. That is money. Not only will you make more money but others will come to you to ask to cover shifts.
  5. Never whine or complain – One of the things in the service industry that is rampant is whiners and complainers. Don’t be one and don’t chime in to get along. Stay away from the drama and politics and keep your head down and work.
  6. Offer to take that photo – If you see a group trying to take a selfie with everyone in their group, offer to help. It only takes a second, and it lets their whole party know that they’l be in the picture. Plus, it will show your attention to their needs… and that shows in tips!

Depending on your personality and passions, you may really enjoy working as a server. You might find a really cool place to work and it might give more more flexibility so that you can pursue your passions more. Or, you might meet people that can help you in your current career. Say for example you’re in graphic design. You might find clients or a better gig. You never know. That is one of the reasons you don’t want to be a complainer. You never know who that person might know.

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